Construction Bulldozer Dump Excavator Take-A-Part Truck with Drill and Tools, Light and Music, Bump and Go Action Toy

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  • Bump & Go feature allows it to change directions and run when it bumps into something.
  • Front flashing headlights and music.
  • Option to turn the music mode OFF or ON while the truck is in action.
  • Includes 13 pieces that you can put on and off the truck.
  • Recommended age: 36 months and above.
  • Can take the wheels off of the truck.

This toy comes equipped with four different tools, a drill, a hammer, a wrench, and a screwdriver. These can all be interchanged to fix-up the car or to use on the accessories that come with the truck. Some of the accessories are screws and nails, but they can all be organized within the compartments of the truck. The toy also has a cute truck driver that can be removed and interchanged for another character. Apart from coming equipped, this toy plays a little tune, which can be turned off/on, that is fun to sing-along to. If that is not enticing enough, the toy does have the bump-and-go feature in which the toy rolls around independently of being pushed, and when it hits a wall it will simply back up and change directions!