Electric Turtle Children's Educational Toy with Music and Light

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  • Colourful flashing lights make daddy turtle more vivid and dynamic.
  • The turtle has preinstalled, sweet music that parent and child can enjoy.
  • Drum-head and feet with an electronic touch sensor.
  • Slightly squeeze the airbag at baby turtle's backside to make a "beep" sound, which can control the turtle to move.
  • Recommended age: 12 month and above.

Kiditos is proud to present this adorable new turtle toy. This toy is filled with lights throughout its shell making it an appealing toy to play with. It also comes with three different volume adjustment settings and it comes with two charming turtles. The larger turtle has a special placing to where the small turtle fits, and once they are paired together they begin playing an endearing tune as well as enabling the stop-and-go motion on the toy. When the smaller turtle is removed, it will ask for help to be found and returned to its family in such an endearing voice. This turtle set is an enchanting toy that kids will enjoy and love playing with.