Innovative Vehicle Happy Animal Pet Bus Toy with Music & Lights & Blocks Learning Toy

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Fun and entertaining toy for your child that plays up to 8 different enjoyable tunes.
It imitates the sounds of 6 different animals by placing the correct animal through its corresponding shape hole.
Includes the Bump-n-Go feature allowing the car to freely roam on its own.
2 rows of beads on the top that help increase a child's sensory-motor skills.
Contains 2 cute animals that sway side to side to the rhythm of the music and a key chain on the top of the bus that opens the rear door.

Kiditos Present Happy Animal Toy Bus. This Animal toy Bus has everything a child will enjoy: Music, flashing lights, and it moves on its own. Sings The Wheels on the Bus. Cute passenger animals singing and moving left to right. With a back door that opens with a key and lets the child grab the extra 6 animals stored. The Happy Animal Toy Bus is designed to help your child learn and develop motor skills, cognitive skills, and language skills.