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FaQs. General Information

Welcome to FAQs you can use! We wanna get you the answers you need right now, but if you can’t find ‘em please don’t hesitate to contact us at wecare@kiditos.in for fast, friendly assistance.

Do you ship internationally?


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept major debit cards, credit cards. We do not accept money orders or gift cards.

How fast is your shipping?

Our standard shipping takes 1-3 business days.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Sounds like a party! Please email us or contact us at care@kiditos.in for a quote and include the name of the item you want to purchase, quantity, shipping address and desired delivery date.

My box is missing an item. What do I do?

Whoops! We’ll get right on it once you email us at care@kiditos.in with your order number and the name of the missing item.

Where do I find my order number?

Check your account history or the order confirmation email we sent you. (Don’t forget to check your spam inbox if your email filters are set on high.)

Can I review your products on my website/social media?

Of course! Please include a link to our page and let us know about it! We’d love to stay connected to your blog or social media page!

My question is not listed here.

Sorry we missed something! Feel free to submit additional questions at wecare@kiditos.in. If your question is related to a specific order, please include your order number in the message.

Are drones easy to fly right out of the box?

We always recommend reviewing the the drone user manual first. Ease of use will come with practice and familiarity of the drone controls.

Do I have to register my drone with the DGCA?

Possibly. Because rules and regulations are always changing, check the DGCA website at: https://digitalsky.dgca.gov.in/

Can I fly my drone if I live near an airport?

There are rules if you want to fly a drone or quadcopter near an airport. Please check the DGCA site https://digitalsky.dgca.gov.in/

Can a drone fly in all weather conditions?

Mild, dry, low wind conditions are ideal when flying your drone. Rain or snow conditions can be hazardous for the electrical components, which need to stay dry to function.

Where can I find spare parts for my drone?

Please visit our drone accessories store: https://kiditos.in/product-category/accessories

In addition to the drone should I buy extra parts to go with it?

It’s always good to be prepared! Extra batteries are great to have on hand for more flight time. Chargers, extra propellers and propeller guards are also available.

What is FPV?

FPV stands for First Person View. For drones with cameras, real-time FPV footage can be shown on the transmitter screen or your mobile device screen (if Wi-Fi compatible).

Can I see the drone's flight in real time on my phone?

Review your drone user manual to see if your drone has Wi-Fi FPV app control. If so, this feature will allow you to have a live video first person view of your flight.

Will images be stored on an SD card??

Depending on the model of your drone, the images and video will either be saved to an SD card in your drone or to your camera roll on your mobile device.

How do I take photos and video with the quadcopter?

Most transmitters and mobile apps have a camera button feature to capture images and video. Please review your drone user manual for model specific instructions.

Are there any basic drone tutorial videos I can watch?

Yes! Please check out our New Pilot Playlist on our Hawkister YouTube channel.

Why doesn’t the left lever return to the center position on its own like the right throttle on the drone transmitter?

Review your drone user manual to see if your drone has altitude hold; the left throttle will only return to the center position for drones that include this feature.

Why is the drone transmitter beeping?

Review the troubleshooting section in your drone manual; check the battery charges on the drone and transmitter. Replace if necessary.

The propeller on the RC drone is not spinning.

1. If the RC drone motor is spinning, but not the propeller, it’s possible the smaller gear has disengaged from the larger gear. Try pushing the propeller down, which should fix the issue.
2. Check the drone motor/propeller for debris and clear away if necessary.
3. Add a small ammount of electronic-safe lubricant to the non-working motor.
4. For replacement propellers, please visit our drone accessories store: https://kiditos.in/product-category/accessories

Why did the drone motor(s) stop?

1. Add a small ammount of electronic-safe lubricant to the non-working drone motor and test the motor.
2. Clear any debris or hair that might be caught in the drone motors.
3. For replacement motors, please visit our drone accessories store: https://kiditos.in/product-category/accessories

Can I use oil on the motors or propellers of the drone?

Yes, as long as it’s safe for electronics.

My remote control drone is drifting too much in one direction.

1. If your drone includes a trim adjustment feature, push the trim button in the opposite way the drone is drifting to correct its direction.
2. Recalibration of the drone’s gyro could solve the issue. Review your drone’s user manual for drone calibration instructions.
3. For some models, reset the gyro by spinning the drone to calibrate it; turn the drone on and spin the drone clockwise until the lights change then point the front of the drone straight up in the air and spin it clockwise until the lights turn solid.
4. If one of the motors is moving slower than the others, replace the motor.

Why doesn't the trim button on my drone remote work?

In some cases, your quadcopter transmitter might have a non-functioning trim button. Review your drone’s user manual to see if your drone includes a trim adjustment feature. (Many drones including “UDI” in the model number have non-functioning trim buttons.) If your drone is not a UDI model and you feel your trim button isn’t working, please contact us at Contact us at wecare@kiditos.in for further assistance!

How long is this drone's flight time?

Flight times vary by drone model, but typically range between 5-20 minutes. Review your drone user manual for an estimate, and keep in mind that flying style (tricks, high speeds, photo/video recording, etc.) and environment can have an impact on flight time as well as overall battery life.

How long does it take to charge the batteries?

Charging time varies by drone model. Most batteries will fully charge in 1-2 hours. Please review the drone user manual for charging instructions.

Can I use a more powerful battery?

Please avoid using unapproved parts, batteries or accessories with your remote controlled drone.

Does the drone remote control (transmitter) take special batteries?

Most transmitters use standard, rechargeable AA batteries.

Why won't the propellers spin?

Check propellers to make sure they’re undamaged and properly installed on the correct motor. Improper installation can render the drone inoperable.

Why can't I see what my drone sees on my phone via the app?

Your mobile device must be connected to the drone’s Wi-Fi signal. Turn the drone on and go to your mobile device settings to find your drone’s Wi-Fi signal (which is different from your Bluetooth icon). If the result is the same while connected, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and make sure your phone’s OS is fully updated.

Why won't my drone batteries work, or stay charged?

Most drone batteries need to charge for 1-2 hours. Test your batteries after charging to ensure the charger is working properly. Do not store the batteries partially charged. Keep in mind: Li-Po batteries will deplete over time; if your batteries have seen lots of use, consider purchasing new batteries.

Can I send my item in for repair?

We don’t have a drone repair service at this time, But Replacement parts are available at: https://kiditos.in/product/repair-service-for-drone/

Why won't my drone and remote control (transmitter) pair?

Please review your drone user manual for the pairing sequence that is specific to your drone. The HAwkister YouTube page is another great source for drone tutorials. If you still have questions, please contact us at: Contact us at wecare@kiditos.in

Can I attach a GoPro or Runcam to my drone?

Review your drone user manual to see which devices are compatible with your drone. Please avoid using unapproved parts, batteries or accessories with your drone.

What's the difference between 5G and 5GHz?

For drones, 5GHz refers to transmitter bandwidth. This is sometimes referred to as “5G,” although it has nothing to do with your phone’s network (4G, LTE, etc.) capability.

How long does it take for the mini drone to charge?

Not long – about 35 minutes! mini-drones are always eager to get back in the air ASAP, and these flying toys fully charge fast.

How long will the mini drone fly for?

Mini drones for kids and adults can last up to 8 minutes of continuous flight per charge. The mini-drone will flash its red light when it’s low on juice.

Help – my Mini Drone is flying wild!

Follow these steps to calibrate your mini drone:
1. Hold the drone upside down and press the power switch to turn on.
2. Once the drone’s light turns green, press the power switch quickly two more times; the drone’s light will cycle through different colors: blue, red and green.
3. While the light is flashing, place the drone on a solid surface.
4. When the light turns to solid green, the drone is fully calibrated.

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