• Sturdy and strong quality.
  • Lights up at the top and in the small screen used for singing.
  • Peaceful music and entertaining sound effects.
  • Different activities to engage a child.
  • Recommended age: 18 months and above.
  • Skills it focuses on are: driving, talking, singing, and strength control.

This toy comes with so many functions that it doesn’t matter which way the toy is facing, a child will find something new to be entertained with. On the top of the toy, there is a bead set that helps tune a child’s fine motor skills and a huge white button that can be hit with a hammer causing it to light up. The hammer can also be used to play a tiny pinball game that is provided on one of the sides of the toy. On another side, there is a little doorbell that can play different friendly tunes that can be used to pleasantly wake a child. There is also a pretend phone a child can use to talk to some friends. A child will find a steering wheel that comes with buttons and sounds that imitate a car to provide practice for your little speed racer. There is also a microphone that a child can use to speak in and sing along to other amusing songs. This toy comes with so many buttons and many tunes which are specifically tailored to increase a child hand-eye coordination, hearing Development and fine motor skills in a fun interactive manner!

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