Kiditos Qixing S 7x7 High-Speed Professional Stickerless Cube
Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,999.00

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Corner cutting and Fast Performance: This toy is cleverly designed to have slightly rounded corners so as to facilitate twisting.
Not only the rotations will be enhanced, but you will also turn it even quicker now! It is a tension adjustable cube that will perfectly fit into your hands.
Smooth turning: Cube comes setup and lubed. Master your skills with ease and use this cube for competitions.
Stickerless: No need to replace stickers as you use this product. Not too big, and definitely not too small (2.75x2.75 inches).
Very stabile: With sure lock technology, cubies stay put, yet glide effortlessly.

PERFECT MAGIC CUBE TO ENHANCE YOUR MENTAL SKILLS Great for beginners to competitors Are you ready to test your speed, brain and limits with this great toy? Get this real brain teaser and let’s get going! Enjoy Easy Turning & Soft Touch Feeling. Our cube toy combines super speed technology and a smooth feeling while playing, that will make you reach a whole other level! It is suitable for both professional and amateur players since this game has no levels or limits!  
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