Learning & Talking Sheep with Playback Recording, Musics, Lights, Bump and Go Action Musical Toy

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  • Features the Bump-n-Go ability allowing it to freely roam on its own.
  • Earls light up and hands wave as the sheep is travelling and singing.
  • Has the capability of playing 7 different tunes and 2 different lullabies.
  • You can speak to the sheep, and it will record you and then playback your recording.
  • Recommended Age: 18 Month & Above.

This sheep toy will bring plenty of fun and laughter to your child through the many interactions and functions the toy holds. First, the sheep comes equipped with the Bump-n-Go feature. With this feature, the sheep will freely roam on its own, and once it hits an obstacle it will simply turn around and continue on its trail. As soon as the toy is turned on, its arms will begin waving in excitement and its ears will light up and change to different colours. There are five different buttons on the sheep’s tummy with different functions. One button plays the do-re-mi scale, another button plays 4 different tunes, the third button plays 2 lullabies about sheep, the fourth button plays 3 different melodies, and the last button allows the mother sheep to feed its baby. The greatest feature about this toy is that you can press the nose of the sheep and speak to it, as you’re speaking its cheeks will turn red, meaning its recording, and then the sheep will repeat out loud what you said to the toy.